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"Along with my partners, we invest in pre-IPO companies." 

Investing in startups, early-stage, and later-stage companies play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and shaping our future landscape of business, commerce, and humanity.


Investing in real ideas that can scale effective change means participating in opportunities with intrinsic value beyond just financial gain. It means contributing to technological advancements, job creation, and societal progress.

True investment value lies in the ability to fuel innovation, which is what I live for.


I know startups and early-stage companies are truly the vanguard of technological, business & humanity breakthroughs, with later-stage companies bringing those breakthroughs to market at scale, typically shifting the tides of entire industries. 


Companies that we invest in or open capital access to can flex their muscle quickly and more directly to experiment, take risks, and focus on long-term goals and game-changing directions without the relentless pressure of meeting short-term quarterly expectations.

This is not only my personal focus of investment, but that of our entire team at Commonwealth Capital

I am not a conventional investor. I work on a 3-path investment strategy of engagement, and it works. 


  • If you are strictly at the idea stage and have no idea how to start your first start-up, or are a first-time entrepreneur and need to get off the ground, I'll get you through my 10-Step Start-Up School. Founder graduates will work with me directly to get on a path that leads them to securing the capital they need at their stage. 

  • If you are a launched, pre-revenue start-up or early-stage in revenues seeking your first Series A, then I'll help first guide you into our company EPEC Platform™ to help you learn to dominate the capital raising process. I then work with Founder graduates to get on a path for either direct investment (myself), company co-investment, or select market channel capital funding. 

  • Later-stage companies seeking substantial amounts of private market capital ($20mm+) work with me directly to obtain a BDR Rating™ and, if qualified, engage you through our Corporate Finance Advisory Services, getting you access to the unlimited private market capital you need, leading to a future IPO or M&A.

Nearly every founder, company owner, or leadership team I have worked with falls into one of these three categories.

Feel free to reach out or book a call, and I will be happy to discuss the best approach to your capitalization needs. 

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