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Expert Coaching

After starting ten companies, building two exits, raising nearly $20 million in private market capital, and helping 100+ founders solve their greatest challenges, I have a startup playbook that works and want to help you create yours. 

Leaders are not searching for more gurus, inspiring quotes, pep talks, or full-time cheerleaders.

They seek 
practical help, empathetic understanding, relevant training, the right tools, accurate analyses, and effective action steps that get results.

Drawing from a deep playbook of processes, successful formulas, and tool sets, I work individually with founders and business leaders at every level, helping address any challenge to deliver visible, lasting results.

I unwind complexities into simplicities, map paths to realistic and viable solutions, and guide leaders on those paths as their success catalyst. 

Equipped to tackle what may be perceived as impossible problems, I have yet to meet a founder, encounter a start-up, or immerse in a business, product, delivery, resource, or launch challenge that cannot be resolved.


I would love to help accomplished the same with you. 

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What I do for you.

I've been helping leaders and entrepreneurs transform at every level for over 20 years. I do this through a hands-on engagement to assess, strategize, program, and implement with clear guidance that gets results.

This is accomplished by providing defined and practical strategies, observational accuracy, bias-free analyses, relevant information, targeted problem-solving, practical reasoning, empathetic rationales, experience, knowledge, prediction, and actionable steps in a clear and understandable form that I work with you on to achieve the results you need. Deliverables include:

  • Business or product strategy

  • Product/Tech stack analysis & options for full stack development*

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Product-market fit resolution

  • Delivery scaling (up and downstream)

  • Financial modeling, financial management*

  • Legal planning, legal resolutions, IP protection*

  • Leadership/co-founder resourcing

  • Private market capital* (startup, early- and later-stage)

  • Exit mapping (IPO or private sale)

  • Mindset, time & performance optimization

  • First-time-founder training & coaching

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*I am not a licensed attorney nor a FINRA-licensed Financial Advisor. But I will provide you with the necessary business advice you critically need while facilitating any such needed expertise through my vast network and deep bench of proficient attorneys, CPAs, broker-dealers, and other specialists to help tackle your most pressing legal or finance needs. I receive no compensation from any of my network referrals and simply include this as part of any resolution development. 

My promises to you.

Book a short call to see if my coaching is a fit for you

Every entrepreneurial challenge requires a unique solution that caters to the specific needs of the founder(s), their teams, that startup, its business model, product, service, circumstance, or situation. No one solution fits all. 


My approach is repeatable and predictable, guaranteeing reliable outcomes regardless of circumstance.

1. I listen. A lot. It's how we start and how we'll always end. 
2. I do not tell you what to think, do, or decide. I only guide.
3. I'm brutally honest. Truth can be hard, but it's a cure for weakness.
4. I will work harder (and more) than you'll expect me to.
5. I am never vague. I provide exact directions and action steps.
6. I will keep you accountable each step of the way.  
7. Once we begin, my commitment will not be broken.

As a founder, you have high standards for the qualities you look for in a partner: loyalty, honesty, competence, and proven results. It only makes sense to expect the same level of excellence from a personal coach or collaborator. After all, you deserve nothing less than the very best.

What makes me qualified to coach you?

Selecting me as your coach is your decision to make. However, I offer some valuable insights that may assist you in making a well-informed choice.
My decades of experience include triumphs, failures, sound advice from some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the industry, negotiations with billionaires, collaborations with top-tier corporate decision-makers, and hands-on work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders like yourself, while successfully building my own vision and those of my incredible partners.
I leverage all my knowledge and skills to effectively ensure the immediate and lasting success of everyone I coach.


  • 10x founder/co-

  • 2 exits ($130mm TOT - AutoLoop™ acquired by Affinitiv™; scheduling app [private] transaction to ADP™)

  • Nearly $20 million raised in private market capital 

  • 25+ years CEO/President/COO

  • 100+ founders/entrepreneurs coached, advised, mentored

  • Product Lab LLC Co-founded/launched/profitable in 10 months (active)

  • Commonwealth Capital LLC (hybrid VC) Founding Principal & EVP (active)

  • Neos Equity Group (alternative asset PE) Board Chairman (active)

  • Blockrails™ LLC Co-founded/launched; now an NAR® Benefit (inactive)

  • MIT 2x Certified (MIT Startup Boot Camp & MIT Blockchain Technology for Business)

  • CBE (Certified Blockchain Expert)

  • Insead Business School, Blue Ocean Strategy Certified

  • AIU BBA, summa cum laude, International Business

  • Northwestern California School of Law (JD candidate, incomplete)

  • Public Speaker, Published Author, Philanthropist

Book a short call to see if my coaching is a fit for you

Social proof:

"...watching him build a twelve-man [start-up] operation into a crackerjack operation of over 250+ was an invaluable opportunity for me to observe first hand what it means to truly understand organizational efficiency, personnel management and public relations. Jason is a tirelessly energetic, highly productive and extremely capable professional that any organization can count themselves very lucky to have on their team."

Ken Daniells, FL

Book a short call to see if my coaching is a fit for you

Qualities of Guidance.

Understanding the qualities of professional or expert guidance can sometimes be difficult. Defining them, however, should be clear and simple.

These Qualities of Guidance woven into the very fabric of my coaching with everyone I work with to success.

Coaching Venn Diagram (1).png

OPENNESS. I facilitate open-ended communication and interaction. I empower you to draw your own conclusions without any predetermined directions. My patient listening enables you to reach your own conclusions without any judgment or imposition of how things "should be."

ENTHUSIASM. I possess an abundance of energy and enthusiasm that enables me to celebrate even the smallest of victories, accurately identify your strengths & weaknesses, and develop powerful frameworks that will effectively motivate and excite you.

EMPATHY. My sessions are designed to provide you with a secure and compassionate space. My goal is to assist you in reaching your long-term objectives while recognizing and valuing your triggers and motivations, empowering you to push beyond your limits.

SELF-AWARENESS. My sole focus is on you, not myself. Your journey and challenges take precedence; I will never stray from that. There's no need for me to delve into my own life, conditions, or stories when all that matters is assisting you with the utmost confidence and dedication.

COMMITMENT. Rest assured that I am fully committed to supporting you throughout your journey, even during the most challenging times. I recognize that you reached out for help because you require assistance, and I will always honor and value that decision.

TRUST. When engaging a coach, trust is paramount, even if it involves facing uncomfortable vulnerabilities. As an experienced coach who has worked with individuals from all walks of life coming from criminal reform to mending broken marriages, I approach every client without judgment. Confidentiality is my highest priority, and I am bound only by the law, never by public opinion.

Book a short call to see if my coaching is a fit for you

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