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Entrepreneur | Investor | Advocate

"My life mission is to help every founder I can to help change the world. "


I’ve spent the better part of my life committed to helping improve the lives of others.

I know that giving back, making meaningful contributions, living a life of humility, and creating change at scale bring happiness — not just material wealth...



"I believe continuous innovation is the baseline for solving today's problems and tomorrow's prosperity."


I believe that a co-existence across communities, cultures, continents, and individuals within our own lives will improve to the degree we innovate and execute change.

With technology advancing at a pace that didn't seem possible only a decade ago, tech has become a dependency for the survival of humanity.

My motivation in generating and building ideas, solutions, and opportunities is to innovate that change and bring about improvements we need to create a more efficient, safe, fun, and meaningful life right now and in generations to come.

Jason Bennick speaking NAR iOi 2021
Jason Bennick - Toyota Headquarters, Texas 2018
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Jason Bennick social media poster
"Startups are only as great as their ideas are well-executed."

Success soon draws a sobering line in the sand for entrepreneurs: never take the advice, help, or contribution from anyone who has not come through the success or failure of what they're advising, helping, or contributing on. 

Having lived through both remarkable success and support, as well as the humility from failure over the years, I've come to learn that everyone in a startup can only be measured and trusted by what they do –– not what they say they can (or will). 


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