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"Startups are a way of life for me and always will be." 

I'm a builder.


I think I've told nearly everyone I've worked with that I would rather plan and build a Burj Khalifa than maintain it.

Building vision from the ground up through people, business, product, market, and growth through both success and failure is the journey that not only keeps me humble but has given me an "MBA" of learning I would likely never get.

Going from idea to exit takes courage, resolve, patience, persistence, timing, resourcefulness, and keen organization, and this is what brings me the greatest satisfaction. 


I've advised dozens of founders and continue to advise, mentor, and guide dozens more. I currently run an online school teaching first-time (and even seasoned) entrepreneurs how to start a start-up effectively, and this is where I share a lot of my experience and advice in coaching early-stage entrepreneurs for success.


Between my own startups and others I've partnered with, I've celebrated success and been humbled through losses, serving no less than further fueling my endless passion for innovation and creativity. 

Here are a few of my current projects with some truly incredible people. Others not listed here are either in stealth mode or too early to make the list that eventually will all in due time. 

Current Projects

Commonwealth Capital LLC

Commonwealth Capital is a hybrid venture capital management company founded in 1998, currently building a proprietary and advanced capital markets platform specifically designed to engineer startups from idea to IPO. This project includes launching the Financial Architect System™ courses online and the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ as components of the new EPEC Platform™. 

New CC - logo name - vertical WHITE (transparent).png

Status: Early-Stage

Product Lab 

Product Lab is a digital product agency that functions as a strategic technology partner, designing & building custom technology solutions that solve today's complex business problems.

Product Lab LLC logo

Status: Early-Stage

Neos Equity Group

Neos Equity Group LLC logo

Neos Equity Group is a specialty investment business based in New York focused on building high cash flow portfolio companies in growth markets to achieve above-market returns.

Status: Start-Up


(based in UAE)

Quube Exchange logo

Quube Exchange is an advanced, quantum-safe ecosystem as a secure token fabric & marketplace for venture capital, running an institutional virtual asset trading platform; decentralized finance, DEX, and Defi solutions; and comprehensive token marketplace services. 

Status: Development

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