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20 LinkedIn Pro Tips

I’m not a LinkedIn “pro”.

I’m a 25-year professional for 12 years on LinkedIn and through nearly as many startups, engaging (and being engaged) by thousands on LinkedIn.

As we continue our enforced adjustment to a New Virtual Normal, millions on LinkedIn are experiencing a high frequency of engagement.

Pouring in daily from every corner of the globe, we see mail from lead services, marketing, websites, and business loans, to legal, social, COVID cleaning, and software development services.

This heightened volume to your LinkedIn inbox will only increase over time as businesses drive harder to expand.

With increased traffic comes even greater concern by those sending all those communications: how do I not get deleted from your Inbox?

That’s a great question.

One that I am happy to share my own opinion with an insightful answer.

From someone who receives nearly 50 reaches a day in just my LinkedIn inbox, I try my best to support everyone’s efforts with at least a response.

However, while I am fairly sure I’m in the lower mid-range of the volume spectrum of millions like myself, most of these reaches will likely never see the courtesy of a response from me for several reasons.

And those reasons, I’m going to call “Pro Tips” on LinkedIn to help you not get deleted.

Heed these guidelines, and I believe you will see a slight uptick in responses.

  1. Quick basic rule — in general, it’s ok to pitch…but please do so with respect.

  2. Change your profile pic from party face, mean face (or no face) to a good quality profile photo. Smiles help. And don’t look like a swamp creature.

  3. Endorsing my skills when we’ve never met? Awkward…let’s avoid that outdated brown nose move.

  4. Never assume I need your product; that’s fairly arrogant.

  5. Opening with “how’s your day going?” or “are you keeping busy during COVID?”…instant delete.

  6. No, I won’t discuss the weather with you.

  7. No, I won’t discuss sports with you.

  8. No, I won’t discuss my personal life with you.

  9. Curse words, coarse or rude language?… instant delete.

  10. If I have to scrollllllllll to read your full message…too long, instant delete.

  11. More than one simple attachment?… likely never viewed.

  12. Are you pre-booking me to meet? Impractical (and rude actually)…suggest a few times and ask my availability.

  13. Please don’t patronize when you pitch me…I think I know my trade pretty well.

  14. Yes, be nice…but please don’t kiss my a##.

  15. We’ve never met…please don’t act like we’re best friends.

Keeping those Please Delete Me notes in mind, here’s what I would then classify as core fundamentals of what will likely land you at least a reasonable response, if not a business conversation and further engagement.

16. Do your homework. It will be evident in the short communication whether you’ve checked out any of my companies in advance.

17. Know my profile. Communication will be better received when your note is pertinent to my trade, and your solicitation makes sense for industries in which I’m active. Quick hint: I’m a tech guy, not a doctor.

18. Know my products. That means take the time to visit my company websites, see what my businesses do, and engage me with communication that makes sense and relates to my products.

19. Short, to the point. With my average of five Zooms a day, 100+ emails AND LinkedIn messages, Teams, Slack, Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp, and not to mention my content generation, extensive planning, and strategic writing, financial matters, tech stack work, I actually do have a personal life. Please keep your notes short, to the point, professional, and salient.

20. Give a clear value proposition. So crucial, I cannot stress enough. Engaging me to socialize is a waste of time. But hitting me up with a pretty kick-a## value proposition to improve my business, revenues, or growth? I’m open to new ideas. That will always get my attention.

And the most important Pro Tip: be a professional.

LinkedIn’s mission and your mere existence there is to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

And that is certainly a mission I hope we can all stand behind on LinkedIn.

Happy connecting!


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