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Coaching Packages

Each Coaching Packaging has a price range instead of a fixed price. No "one size fits all" coaching or pricing exists for any client. Each situation is different, as will the work required to address it. Less or more engagement needed to get a result for that package determines which end of the price range. 

  • BASIC Round-Up Package Payment Terms: Full payment at the start of an engagement.

  • PRO Startup Package Payment Terms: 60% at the start of an engagement; 40% on completion.

  • PREMIUM Deep Dive Package Payment Terms: 70% at the start of an engagement; 30% on completion.

My Guarantee. My goal is your results. Your payment will be held in escrow until our first Coaching Package call is complete. If you change your mind and decide not to continue for any reason, you have until the end of our call to let me know and your payment will be reversed within 3-5 business days, minus a $250 Engagement Fee. 



$1000 - $3500

​BASIC package is a "Round-Up" of 3 meetings, plus my own homework and coming back to you with an assessment and recommendation of the next steps:

  • Zoom #1 to listen, understand, and begin an assessment of current scene and needs.

  • Zoom #2 for richer discussion ask more questions, gather more data.

  • Jason - Draft an accurate assessment based on the Round-Up. 

  • Zoom #3 present Assessment & provide Recommendations for next steps.


$5000 - $10,000

PRO package includes BASIC plus the following:

  • 6-8 weeks of PRO Coaching

    • 1 hour Zooms weekly​

    • 24hr response on all email dialogue (except holidays & Sundays)

    • 2 emergency calls/mo

    • Expert Problem-Solving Guidance/Navigation

    • 1 hour weekly of document reviews

  • Tailored Action Program steps from the Basic Assessment with timeline & accountability milestones.

  • Done-With-You Coaching throughout the program.

  • End-of-Program assessment & evaluation.

  • Final Program Assessment provided & discussed; next steps recommended.

  • Celebrate a Successful Program!



Deep Dive

$15,000 - $25,000

PREMIUM package includes PRO for 8-12 weeks, depending on length of program and needs of the Founder.  

Legal Disclaimer


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If these terms are not agreeable, please do not engage the coaching services of By engaging any of the services at any point of interaction between and yourself, you have agreed to all Terms and Conditions. 

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